St. John of God
A Mission of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)

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We visit homes to provide pastoral care, the Eucharist
and all other sacraments for those who can't attend a worship service.

Sundays at 10:30am at the Interfaith Chapel
Ellis Medicine McClellen Street Health Center
600 McClellan Street
Schenectady, NY 12304

We also offer Mass every other Friday 
at Pathways  Residential and Rehabilitation Center
1805 Providence Ave.
Niskayuna, NY 12309
See Calendar Page for Dates and Times

Church Office Mailing Address:
​16 Marion Ave., Albany, NY 12203
St. John of God is not affiliated with Ellis Medicine or Pathways Nursing Home.  We offer Mass on Sundays at the Interfaith Chapel at Ellis on a volunteer basis as part of our mission and we volunteer our Mass on Fridays at Pathways. All are welcome to attend.

St. John of God is part of the growing independent Catholic Churches in the United States. Our Cathedral Church is Holy Innocents Parish located in Halcottsville, New York. Bishop Frank Betancourt and Father Dante Tarantini are Co-Pastors of Holy Innocents. Bishop Frank is the Diocesan Bishop for the Diocese of Little Portion.

We are Catholic in our life of faith, and we are Episcopal in our Church structure.
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Father Tony facilitates a spiritual reflection and support group at The Albany Damien Center every Tuesday at 5:30pm.

People living with HIV/AIDS - go to for more information on this group.
?Independent Catholic or Roman Catholic
Your beliefs will help you to identify which tradition you are really following. For each of the following sets of questions, select the statement with which you most agree.

These questions are by no means a full review of all of the differences between the Independent Catholic and Roman Catholic understanding of faith. There are many other questions that could be asked, but this is a sampling of questions that might reveal your attitudes/beliefs, allowing you to see if you are more aligned with Independent Catholic or Roman Catholic thinking.

On which side do you find your belief system most closely aligned?
Option A or Option B

1a. I believe the Pope is infallible in all matters of faith and moral practice and that he has direct spiritual authority over me and all others. ____
1b. I believe the Pope is a great leader and teacher of the church, but that in some of my decisions on faith and moral practice, I may differ with him. ____
2a. I believe that artificial birth control is a sin even when used by married couples. ____
2b. I believe that the decision to use artificial birth control is best decided by couples in serious, committed relationships. ____
3a. I believe that divorce between two Catholics is wrong and that the church should never recognize the divorce of a married Catholic couple. ____
3b. I believe divorce is often tragic, but not an unpardonable sin; that divorced people who remarry should be fully welcomed into the church and it’s sacraments. ____
4a. I believe that only the Pope and Catholic bishops should have authority in the church and that lay people should not share in the church’s governance. ____
4b. I believe that laypeople of the church should have a voice in the church’s governance and that the clergy should have accountability to the people of the church. ____
5a. I believe that only celibate men should be priests. ____
5b. I believe priests can be celibate or married, male or female. ____
6a. I believe that non-Catholic churches are defective and that their members are spiritually at risk because of this. ____
6b. I believe that non-Catholic churches are not “defective”, but sincere expressions of Christian faith that do not share the traditions of the Catholic church. ____
7a. I believe that only Catholics should receive Holy Communion at mass and that Protestants should not be allowed to receive communion at Catholic masses. ____
7b. I believe Holy Communion at Mass should be open to Christians who are not Catholic, but are sincere people of faith. ____
8a. I believe that Holy Communion at mass should only be given to those who believe in the Pope’s infallibility and authority, and, thus, Protestants should be excluded. ____
8b. I believe that Holy Communion should be allowed for all who believe, not just those who accept the infallibility and authority of the Pope. ____
9a. I believe that sex between unmarried people is always a serious or mortal sin, and that even mature adults in committed, romantic relationships are sinning if they have sex before marriage. ____
9b. I believe that sex is best in the context of a marriage, but that mature adults in committed relationships are not automatically sinners because of their sexual sharing. ____
10a. I believe that gay and lesbian people are “disordered”. ____
10b. I believe that gay and lesbian people are not “disordered”, even if I do not understand or relate to their sexual orientation. ____

On which side do you find your belief system most closely aligned?
Score for Option A: _____
Score for Option B: _____

If you scored higher in Option B than Option A, then you are in the faith tradition of the Independent Catholics. If you scored higher in column A than column B, you are more aligned with the Roman Catholic thinking.