St. John of God
A Mission of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)

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We visit homes to provide pastoral care, the Eucharist
and all other sacraments for those who can't attend a worship service.

Sundays at 10:30am at the Interfaith Chapel
Ellis Medicine McClellen Street Health Center
600 McClellan Street
Schenectady, NY 12304

We also offer Mass every other Friday 
at Pathways  Residential and Rehabilitation Center
1805 Providence Ave.
Niskayuna, NY 12309
See Calendar Page for Dates and Times

Church Office Mailing Address:
​16 Marion Ave., Albany, NY 12203
St. John of God is not affiliated with Ellis Medicine or Pathways Nursing Home.  We offer Mass on Sundays at the Interfaith Chapel at Ellis on a volunteer basis as part of our mission and we volunteer our Mass on Fridays at Pathways. All are welcome to attend.

St. John of God is part of the growing independent Catholic Churches in the United States. Our Cathedral Church is Holy Innocents Parish located in Halcottsville, New York. Bishop Frank Betancourt and Father Dante Tarantini are Co-Pastors of Holy Innocents. Bishop Frank is the Diocesan Bishop for the Diocese of Little Portion.

We are Catholic in our life of faith, and we are Episcopal in our Church structure.
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Father Tony facilitates a spiritual reflection and support group at The Albany Damien Center every Tuesday at 5:30pm.

People living with HIV/AIDS - go to for more information on this group.
Holy Communion
A Mass is held at
the Interfaith Chapel at Ellis Medicine's McClellan St. Health Center
600 McClellan Street - Schenectady - NY
every Sunday, at 10:30am.
This is an opportunity for you to join with other Christians for a time of prayer and to receive the Eucharist.
There is no dress code - come as you are.
There is no requirement to have received the sacrament of reconciliation.
There is no requirement to "believe" what everyone else believes.
Jesus didn't turn people away and neither do we.  Come, and be fed.
  1. Holy Communion
    Holy Communion is a sacrament instituted by our Lord, Jesus Christ. CACINA declares its belief in the actual, real and true Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ; body, blood, soul and Divinity; in each and every portion of the Eucharistic Elements of bread and wine; from the moment of their consecration in the Liturgy until the moment of their dissolution.
  2. Baptism
    Our Lord, Jesus Christ, commissioned us to go and baptize the nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Parents may request to have their child(ren) baptized during a Mass or communion service. Adults may also request bapitsm for themselves. Baptism from any Christian Church is recognized, therefore there is no need to be "re-baptized."
  3. Anointing of the Sick
    The anointing of the sick is a sacrament given to people when they are ill. Anyone can receive the sacrament of the sick for mental, physical, or spiritual healing. Only a deacon or a priest may provide sacrament of the sick. (This is an especially important sacrament for those who are seriously ill and/or facing the end of life.)
  4. Confirmation
    Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation. It establishes young adults as full fledged members of the faith. It is called confirmation because the person is confirming their baptism. At baptism, parents and godparents make promises of faith and now the candidate for confirmation renews those promises on their own.
  5. Reconcilation
    The sacrament of reconciliation can be a powerful cleansing of the soul. God's love is unconditional and going to a priest for the sacrament of reconciliation can help to bring us back into line with God's purpose of love and restoration. General absolution is offered by a priest at all CACINA masses.
  6. Marriage
    Marriage is a sacred covenant where two people who are in love stand before God, their family, and friends, and ask for a blessing. We offer the sacrament of marriage to same and opposite sex couples. Please contact Rev. Green for an initial consult.
  7. Holy Orders
    Holy Orders include the sacrament of ordination for deacons, priests and bishops. If you feel called to ordained ministry, please contact the Vocations Office at CACINA. Ordination is open to men and women and our priests are allowed to be married. Click the button to the right to find out more on vocations in CACINA.
Vocations Information